January 2020 – “Lunch & Learn”
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January 2020 – “Lunch & Learn”
TOPIC: Benefits reimagined
SPEAKER: Ash Hachmeister, Co-Founder - beni.fit
TIME: 11:30am - 1:15pm
COST: 40.00
LOCATION: The Stockyards Steakhouse 5009 E Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034

About the Presentation:
Health insurance…everybody’s favorite topic!! For company leaders it’s stressful, complicated, and feels like a runaway train. It’s a broken system and every year you get less and less ROI. There is a drastic difference in how we used to consume healthcare versus the environment we are in today. Ash will discuss how to start with benefits at a foundational level and how to align across the company to help tell your story and fuel your culture and growth. In addition, why getting back to some basics and changing mindset can help control costs for organizations and employees as well as create better experiences all around. Bring your questions and let's have an interesting conversation among peers.